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  • What is Zazzle?

    Zazzle is a supplier that will allow you to print your logo on different products such as clothes, or pins, for example.

  • How do I access Zazzle from FreeLogoDesign?

    Zazzle is available to people who have chosen one of our paid plans. So when your logo is ready, choose our High-Resolution or Premium package. Once the payment is made, click on the logo you just bought, you will then find a banner below saying, "Print your logo".


    You will then be redirected to the Zazzle website. You can then choose from a list of products like t-shirts, mugs, pins, etc.


  • Can I edit my logo on Zazzle?

    Yes, once you have chosen your product, you will be able to change some details of your logo. All you have to do is click on the "Customize" button. You will then be able to:

    • Change the scale of your logo,
    • Rotate it, and turn it over.

    All you must do is validate your changes.

  • Can I contact FreeLogoDesign if I have any questions about Zazzle?

    If you have any questions about Zazzle's features, you should go through Zazzle's customer service. Indeed, there is little chance that our customer service will be able to answer your questions once you have left FreeLogoDesign website. If you have any questions regarding your logo on a Zazzle product, then you can contact our agents.