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  • What are the Add-ons available?

    Two Add-ons are available:

    The Social Media Kit and the Black & white versions.

  • What is the fee for one Add-on?

    The fee is $9,00 or 9€.

  • What is included with the Social Media Kit Add-on?

    The files included in the Social Media Kit are:

    - Etsy-cover, Etsy-profile and Etsy-shop-banner

    - Facebook-cover, Facebook profile and Favicon

    - Instagram-profile

    - Linkedin-cover and Linkedin profile

    - Pinterest-profile

    - Twitter-cover and Twitter profile

    - Youtube-cover, Youtube profile and Favicon

  • What is included with the Black & White versions Add-on?

    The Black & White version files include:

    - Black.pdf

    - Black.png

    - Black.svg

    - Black-no-outline.png

    - Black-on-white.png

    - Greyscale.pdf

    - Greyscale.png

    - Greyscale.svg

    - White.pdf

    - White.png

    - White.svg

    - White-no-outline.pdf

    - White-on-black.png

  • Can I get an Add-on for my logo after purchasing the High-resolution plan?

    If you have a FreeLogoDesign account:

    Yes. You must connect to your FreeLogoDesign account and click on your high-resolution logo to purchase an add-on. It can be done at any time.


    If you do not have a FreeLogoDesign account:

    Unfortunately no, adds-on must be ordered at the same time of purchasing your High-resolution plan; it can’t be done afterwards.