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Contact information

  • How can I contact FreeLogoDesign?

    Our FreeLogoDesign offers support through email. We are happy to receive your questions so do not hesitate:

  • Can I contact the support center by phone?

    No, to be able to provide you with an affordable experience, we try to avoid costly overheads such as call centers. Therefore, our support is through email; we are happy to receive your questions so do not hesitate. Contact us to

  • I would like to promote or become an affiliate of FreeLogoDesign. How I can proceed?

    Yes, FreeLogoDesign has an Affiliate Program in place, you can find all the information regarding our affiliate program here: or contact us at


  • Who is behind FreeLogoDesign?

    FreeLogoDesign is a Canadian company located in Quebec City.

  • When was FreeLogoDesign created?

    FreeLogoDesign was created in April 2015. Since then, more than 2 millions logos have been created by our users.

  • Where can I see reviews of FreeLogoDesign?

    You can see testimonials of our customers here: