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  • What is the price of the add-on?

    The price of the add-on is $5.99 USD or 5 euros.

  • What are the different formats of invoice templates?

    You will receive 3 files in letter size:

    • Word,
    • Excel,
    • Interactive PDF (in black and white, and only in English for the moment).

    We remind you that Word and Excel files are not Google files. So if you import your Word file into Google Docs, the formatting may change. However, you have less risk with Excel.

    The Excel file has formulas in some cells, be careful, if you make any changes.

    If you want to change the format of your Word invoice, just go to the "Layout" tab at the top of your screen, then click on "Size". You can then choose the format you want.

  • How to generate invoice templates?

    When your logo is ready, you just need to buy the add-on. Then, you can fill in your information: company name, address, email, phone number, etc. Choose from 6 templates and click download!

    You will receive a ZIP folder with the different formats! You will be able to fill in your customer's information.