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  • What is the price of the addon?

    The price of this addon is 14 euros or  14  dollars.

  • What is included with the Business Card Add-on?

    The business card file includes the front and back of your card in PDF format and is directly ready for printing. Please note that you need the high-resolution package to have access to this builder. This add-on costs $14.

    When creating it, you will be able to modify one of the two sides of your business card by:

    • Indicating the information to contact you (name, phone number, email address, etc.)
    • Including your logo (if you wish)
    • Deciding on your card template: rectangular, square, vertical. But also the format: United States / Canada or Europe, while choosing the placement of your information.
    • Styling the text color and the background color.

    For the other side of the card, you will have the option to add your logo to the center of the card.


    Please note that FreeLogoDesign does not provide any printing services. We provide a PDF file that needs to be sent to printers in order to get physical business cards.

    Small bonus: you can change your business card information as often as you want once the add-on has been purchased.