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  • What can I edit?

    The FreeLogoDesign tool is very complete, you can edit the color, font size, font or modify the form of the logo, add icons, etc.

  • Can I save my logo and work on it later?

    Yes, with FreeLogoDesign, your logo is saved in our servers for 6 months.

    You must, however,  to save the download link that you have received with your free logo version in the browser bar to access it later.

    When you are ready, access the link in the browser bar and you will have access to your logo.


  • I would like to upload an element into my logo design is that possible?

    Please note that it's not possible to import external graphic elements into FreeLogoDesign. The only graphic elements that you can use to create your logo are the ones offered in our builder.

  • How can I add a transparent background to my logo, I’ve created on my mobile device?

    If you have created your logo via a mobile device, you have got your free logo in JPG format. Unfortunately the JPG format doesn’t support transparency.

    The only way to get it is by purchasing the High-resolution plan.

    The plan provides with the PNG format, you must use the noBackground.png file.

  • I would like to change the font of my logo.

    To change the font,

    1. Click on the text box, the font feature will show on the bottom.


    2. Click on the drop-down list to choose the font.


  • I would like to change the size of the font.

    To change the font size, simply click on the text. The text feature will show on the bottom. You can change the size and the spacing of your text.


  • How can I add an icon?

    It is not possible to add more than one icon to your logo in the simplified editor.

    1. To change the existing icon, click on the icon.

    2. The editor will open the icon section at the bottom.

    3. Click on "Change Icon" and select a new icon to use for your logo.


  • How to add a shape?

    1. To add a shape, click on the ADD SHAPE tab located top and right of the editor.

    2. Then, choose a shape and drop it where you want it to be.

    3. In the advanced editor, it is possible to add as many shapes as you wish.


  • Are special characters supported?

    FreeLogoDesign doesn't support any native language or other types of alphabets other than the Latin alphabet

  • How can I edit my logo? When trying to edit my logo the browser loads indefinitely.

    It's possible that there has been a downtime in our website due to a maintenance.

    Then this issue might be browser related.

    Before trying again, I strongly suggest you clear the browser's cache.

    Here a link to help you:

    Another solution is to simply change browser or use another device.

    Also, make sure that there is not a blocker installed, that is also often the source of this issue.